What about my season


Our friends all over the world are into different seasons! Here in North America, we are getting excited for Fall as Summer is coming to a close. Just to let you know over at Sanderellas I look for free patterns for all seasons. Just scroll down to find something in your season it will be there. […]




WIP Working on this throw, going to be 45 X 60 finished size, and it gets lots of big fringe at each post on just two sides. I have already gone through 2 of Caron’s big jumbo skeins and on the second set.  The pattern calls for 4,085 yards of yarn, so quite a bit […]


Two free beanie patterns


Hanna Rose Free Crochet Beanie Patterns Both of these patterns and both the first I have ever written have been turned into ‘free’ patterns. I was offering them at $2.00 each, and decided to make them free! I think I was feeling  jaded at the time I posted them, and hopeful of course!  Nothing wrong […]


Holiday weekend

Happy Sunshine Summertime

Have a great weekend everyone!   There is plenty of sunshine in my neck of the woods, however I won’t be out in it! Use to be at the beach most of my younger life and loved it, thought I would live at the beach at one time but that simply didn’t happen! Any plans […]


Crochet granny squares free patterns

Photo Credits: Designer  Margaret Macinnis

  Designer Margaret Macinnis truly blew me away with the complexity of her designs. I posted a few on my Facebook page which can be found here, but found so many more that I was drawn to, and I hope you will enjoy them as well. Margaret has provided a little about herself  here, if […]


Poached pears recipe

Poached Pears

Last evening my sister called to have me come by for dessert. When I arrived and upon walking up the walk to the front door, the aroma was totally Fall and beckoned the senses with excited anticipation. I have a copy of the recipe and wanted to share it with you today.  The picture above […]


Dog themed crafty old timey scrap


Dog Themed Old Timey Scrap For Your Crafts Do you love dogs, have a dog, work in a veterinarians office, have a favorite veterinarian or grooming shop you would like to make something for, set your craft themes around dogs? These prints are very old, and very much so in demand for craft projects. I […]


Halloween scrap for crafts


Halloween Scrap It will soon be that time of the year again! I know there are a lot of  us that in lieu of crochet and knitting have other craft interests…I know I do. These are prints that I have collected over the years and you can use them to make just about whatever you […]


Learning to crochet

Photo Credit:  Crochet Cabana

  Wanting to learn to crochet?   One of my readers is a very experienced knitter, and learning to crochet. She had some questions for me so I pointed her in the direction of Crochet Cabana She offers written and video instruction to get you started which you can find here While there are many […]


For the birds

Photo Credit:  Wild Care Bay Area .org

       I love birds, all birds and there are so many that are lovingly cared for by individuals and the non profit organizations to get them healed if injured, well if unwell, loved and cared for if abandoned or that have fallen from their nests. My sister is one of those individuals actually. […]