One of these days today, and ours began very early in the morning with no alarm clock needed!  A lot of lightening and crackling, crashing thunder! Our electricity went out at 5:15 A.m., and back on at 8:17 A.m. Everything is always so quite when there is no electricity flowing, but you don’t realize how […]


Free cat knitting patterns

Curated by Sandy of Sanderellas

  This morning I woke up to find a request for a cat pattern I had posted in knitting! When I went to locate it, I also found a few more that are each free for you to enjoy 1.   Witch cats hat by Christine de Savoie 2.   Cat Headband and Wrist […]


Good things

  Good morning!  Happy Monday, and I hope the whole week for each of us is going to be the best ever! Beanies and patterns All of my beanies for sale are no longer on this site, they have been moved over to my shop at Etsy. I will no longer be crocheting beanies for […]



©Sanderella's Crochet

Just to let you know, all of my beanies have been moved over to my Etsy shop and are listed at $5.00 for children and $8.00 for adults. Flat rate shipping in the USA, and if your out of the country you can message me with your location for a shipping rate. As we all […]


Free crochet and knit sock patterns

Currated by Sandy

  Decided to end my summer a bit early so did some curating this evening!   Thought you would enjoy some cute sock patterns I located in both knitting and crochet! Enjoy the selection! Curated by Sandy   1. Bommelbündchen / Socks with pompoms/knitted pattern by Socks Street/ written in German; use Google Translate if […]


Free pattern afghan throw

WIP Sanderella's Crochet

  Found this easy peasy pattern to work up between all that I am doing over the summer, and thought I would share it with you! I am using Ella Rae yarn called ‘Seasons’.  76% acrylic, 14% wool, 10% polyamide.  Each ball contains 219 yards. It comes in so many different colors, and this particular […]


Feeling Blessed


For your patience and understanding with my absence over this summer. It feels awkward for me not to be proactive with my accounts each and everyday, however I am having some different diagnostic tests ordered by my physician which I am truly grateful for and following her advice to slow down a taste as stress […]



Good evening everyone!  I haven’t been to my website for awhile due to some health issues that are being addressed.  Therefore, I am taking a bit of a vacation for the rest of the summer. I do check my emails, I will be adding items to Etsy, however I am going to be vacationing from […]


Hats tops earrings free Summer crochet patterns


I love hats and everything cool for Summer and went about to find some of the very best designed hats and a few other things for you! I know you will enjoy!   1.  99-3 Circle jacket crochet with 2 strands “Alpaca” by DROPS design 2.  Seashore Earrings by Susan Lowman 3.  Casual […]


Indian corn dishcloth pattern free pattern


  Today has been a most interesting day for me, I have been crocheting and knitting both, and while hot pads, trivets and pot holders were cropping up all over Facebook today, I decided to list one of my dishcloth patterns. I used the yarn I had on hand….Peaches and Cream 100% cotton yarn.  The […]