Carols and a firetruck


Well this evening, the Riverside County Fire Department rolled through the park with Christmas Carols, waves and warm smiles. I wanted to get a recording…but the feature didn’t pick it up very well…so just got a couple of snapshots…. I saw my next door neighbor helping one of the fireman picking things up that had […]


Lemons and Judy

Fresh Lemons Right Off The Tree

This morning I was out sweeping the leaves and debris from the driveway after the rain, and my neighbor called me to ask me if I would like some lemons. ‘Sure’! So I rinsed them off and thought I would share with you how lovely and kind Judy, my next door neighbor  is. I sweep […]


Merry Christmas


This year has simply flown by way too fast, don’t you think so? Did you get all of your holiday shopping completed? At this time in my life I do birthdays, and simply cherish the memories of Christmas’s past. I loved the traditions my parents established for our family, and as family members drifted apart, […]


Scarf completed ta dah!

I finished my scarf this afternoon! All I had left was weaving in a few ends, cutting and adding the fringes. I ended up making it 78 inches long before the fringe, and it was 10 inches wide. It looks fabulous folded in half to go around the neck, it is nice and warm…I know […]


Rain crochet and dogs


We finally got some! Too much in some places, not enough in others…and more is on the way next week! I think the weather service expected more for us over the past couple of days but the clouds shifted directions!  Lol! I am working on my Dr. Who scarf, it is truly coming along quite […]


Got a secret and NaBloPoMo

Question:  Who is the happiest person you know? What is their secret? I can only speak for myself. I am always happy inside, because I keep my mind active, myself busy with things I enjoy, my faith and belief in a higher power. Loving my pets and appreciating nature both increase my levels of energy […]


Happiness balance and NaBloPoMo

Question:  Do you think you maintain a good balance of making yourself happy while making other people happy? Yes, it is my pleasure to make other’s happy as it brings much happiness and joy to my heart to do so. I find time for others before I find time for myself, but when I do […]


NaBloPoMo and a recipe

Question: What recipe are you known for amongst your friends and family? The recipe would be my fudge! I have been making it since I was about 7 or 8 years old….so many moons ago, and still make it to this day. It was printed on the Hershey’s Cocoa can but while it isn’t any longer, […]


LoveKnitting shopping review


Yesterday I received the order I placed with LoveKnitting, and was so excited to see the postman walk up my steps with my pretty pink packages! When I opened them, this is how they were packaged Each ball of yarn in high quality translucent gift bags with satin ribbon draw strings. Along in my pink […]


Daffodils and chicken soup

Beautiful Daffodils

Was out today for a couple of hours looking around and saw some perennial daffodil bulbs that are to be planted in the fall for Spring bloom, so I purchased 2 packages! Each package has 9 bulbs, and they are also two different heights!  The tallest growing to 24 inches, shortest 12 inches. I had […]