Pixlr Express


I use to love and enjoy using Pic Monkey all of the time for things, and hadn’t in a brief while… I went to use it, and found that to use some of the cute features they have, you need to pay for them now! Bummer! I don’t want to pay for anything more than […]


The power of prayer


Often times I run into posts requesting a prayer for someone that has fallen ill, or going through troubling times. When it is a post I feel I want to respond to and leave a message, I also say a prayer…not just leave a message to leave a message. I have always believed in the […]


Carol D and gardening tips


I received a very helpful comment from a reader, Carol D., and wanted to share it with everyone because her experience with growing your own vegetables and fruits is amazing and I think very helpful to anyone considering a fruit and vegetable garden. Here is what Carol D. had to share: Carol D says April […]


Free patterns 300 by Sanderella’s


Good morning! A beautiful Monday morning in my neck of the woods, a perfect day to enjoy just about anything you would like to do. That is one of the benefits of no longer working that I enjoy since I worked two full time jobs most of my life, however I can lend some experienced […]


Little black kitten ghost

©Sandy of Sanderella's

About three weeks ago, I had noticed a little black kitten that came up on the porch to eat some dry food I keep out there for my cat HoBo, so when he is outside he has nibbles. I was taking out a little can of food for the kitten and watching it eat and […]


Sanderella’s cole slaw dressing recipe


©Sanderella’s Cole Slaw Dressing I love cole slaw and this time of the year is the perfect time to enjoy it as an accompaniment to any meal. Firstly, when I shop for my vegetables I choose organic, and firm heads of cabbages, and select the best carrots in the bunch. I like my carrots to […]


Ripple throw wip


I had laundry to do today and took along my ripple throw I am working on. I am using Deborah Norville’s yarn; all acrylic and I just absolutely love working with it. Black and cream and using Lucy’s ‘neat ripple’ stitch from Attic24.  If your not familiar with it, you can find it here  I […]


Happy Easter

Photo Credit: from about.com Home

I love this arrangement, so pretty for Spring. I have been spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest looking for ideas for my own pots. Yesterday, I took a drive up towards our mountains and ran into a place called ‘The Pottery Yard’. I was shocked at the quality, variety and the pricing! More […]


Mail order bulbs

images (2)

Today I got a very nice catalog in the mail from Michigan Bulbs, stunning photos of bulbs to choose from and some of which I have never seen, let alone knew they existed. I went on line to look at more and ran into consumer affairs with a multitude of negative complaints about this company […]


Mountain pride hybrid Sanderella’s garden


My tomato plants are doing so well, and I went out and purchased another one this morning! I will have too many tomatoes for certain, but more than enough to share with my neighbors. This is my new tomato plant, just planted this morning. I set it right next to my other two to give […]